Diaper Rash and Antifungal Cream for Babies


2805161769 01de9271f9 b 300x200 Diaper Rash and Antifungal Cream for BabiesHas your baby ever developed a rash in the diaper area?

Diaper rash is not uncommon and it is usually nothing to worry about if it is treated. The area probably looks red and irritated, and it may be somewhat puffy and warm to the touch. The rash could be mild with just a few red spots or it might be quite widespread spreading to the thighs and tummy.

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Healthcare professionals define diaper rash as a type of contact dermatitis. Diapers create the perfect environment for the development of rashes. The diaper against the baby’s skin forms dark, moist conditions with a regular supply of urine and feces, well known harbingers of disease.
There are several causes of baby rash. Sometimes the cause is nothing more than simple irritation or chafing. Diapers constantly rubbing on skin may cause a rash. If the baby is sensitive to certain chemicals, a rash may also develop. These chemicals include disposable diaper fragrances, detergents used to launder cloth diapers, and ingredients in a baby powder or lotion. Even absorbent diapers do not wick away all the moisture on a baby’s skin. When his urine mixes with fecal matter, it forms ammonia which is very harsh on tender skin. The rash may also be a reaction to new food, especially when solid foods are introduced to the baby’s diet. It could even be due to something the mother is eating while still breastfeeding.


Diaper rash may also be caused by microbes such as with a bacterial or Yeast Infection. A bacteria infection typically has pustules or yellowish fluid-filled bumps along with crusty honey-colored areas. Bacterial infections like strep or staph probably require antibiotic treatments from your doctor. On the other hand, Yeast Infection Treatments require not only Antifungal cream for babies, but boiling the bottles and the nipples to kill residual yeast. A good hot water dishwasher works just fine for this disinfection process. Preventive measures include changing soiled diapers as soon as possible, put the diapers on loosely so that air can circulate, and just let him play or sleep diaper-less whenever possible.


Antifungal cream for babies comes in over the counter and prescription varieties. Some of the more popular antifungal creams include clotrimazole, miconazole, and nystatin. Clotrimazole is the generic name for the antifungal medications Lotrimin, Canesten and several others. It is available in different forms such as powders, creams, lotions, and solutions that can be applied to the skin. Miconazole is sold under various name brands such as Monistat-Derm. In addition to antifungal properties, it has also been shown to be effective against some protozoan parasites such as Leishmania species. It also has some antibacterial properties. Nystatin may be sold as Mycostatin and it is very effective against mold and yeast infections. If the infection has not cleared up after a week of using these medications, your may use Yeastrol.

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